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The world’s largest sand castle was built in Denmark | Guinness World Records

The tallest sand castle in the world was completed last year DenmarkAccording to its designer, the tower is more than 20 meters high and contains nearly 5,000 tons of sand.

According to reports, the castle is 21.16 meters (69.4 feet) tall, which is more than 3 meters higher than the castle built in Germany in 2019, which was awarded this title. Guinness World Records.

The architectural structure of this seaside town is intricate, reminiscent of a pyramid, and a total of 4,860 tons of sand are used Blokhus.

The top of the structure depicts the coronavirus. Photo: Klaus Bjorn Larsen/EPA

Its Dutch creator Wilfred Stijger was assisted by 30 of the world’s best sand sculpture artists. He said that he hopes the castle can represent the influence of the coronavirus in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. At the top of the sand castle is a virus model wearing a crown.

“It rules our lives everywhere,” Stig said. “It tells you what to do… It tells you to stay away from your family and not to go to good places. Inactivity, stay at home. “

In order to make it more cohesive, the sand contains about 10% clay, and a layer of glue is applied after completion to make it able to withstand the cold and windy conditions of autumn and winter.

Residents of Blokhus are delighted to see that the sand castle incorporates local features such as beach houses and lighthouses, as well as depictions of popular activities such as windsurfing and kite surfing.

It is expected that the castle will stand until the frost comes, possibly in February or March next year.

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