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Timmermans denies taking photos with Jansa

A kindThe “family portrait” taken during the European Commission’s visit to Slovenia on Thursday lacked an important participant: Frans Timmermans, The first deputy of President Ursula von Delane. That was deliberate—the Social Democratic Party did not want to appear in the picture. Because there was a scandal behind closed doors at the Brdo Conference Center.

Thomas Guccik

Political journalist based in Brussels for the EU, NATO and Benelux countries.

The head of the country’s conservative government, Janez Janša, complained that the Slovenian judiciary had been infiltrated by “communist judges”. As the participants later reported, he showed a photo: It can see the judges and politicians of the Social Democratic Party. It is said that Von der Lein immediately intervened and warned Jansha: The judge must be respected, even if they belong to the other party.

Taking over as the chairman of the Slovenian Council of the European Union, which was the reason for the committee’s visit, immediately began to discord. At the subsequent press conference, both Von der Lein and Yang Sha were expressionless, barely looking at each other. “Political dialogue needs to respect all political parties,” Von der Lein said, referring specifically to judges belonging to another party. The scandal occurred at the end of the exchange of work plans in Slovenia, and the conversation turned to the topic of rule of law.

The chairman of the committee publicly issued a clear warning to Yang sofa and asked him to persevere I maintain. She said that Slovenia must ensure the “independence and adequate funding” of the national news agency. Janša called the institution a “national shame” and has long withheld public funds to which she is entitled.

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