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“We started again”: Chanel returns with the first major live performance of the pandemic | Chanel

“Today, we start again,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel Fashion, because the Palais Galliera Museum in Paris is preparing to receive 240 guests who will be in the brand since the beginning of the pandemic. Participated twice in the first large-scale live fashion show.

Every fashion week will kick off a new season, but I hope that the high fashion show will be Paris Means a more significant change: return to normalcy.

In high fashion week, normality means grand occasion and ceremony.British actors Daisy Edgar-Jones In the front row as a Chanel designer Virgeni ViardThe latest collection of the museum paraded in the open-air central courtyard of the museum.

“It’s a good thing to have spectators, but not too big—we need to maintain its exclusivity to ensure its safety. We chose this venue because it has some shelter but also ventilation. Currently, everyone is outside. Reassuring, we want our guests to feel comfortable,” Pavlovsky said.

Wedding dress designed by Virginie Viard. Photo: Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters

Viard has absorbed the typical charm of France Impressionism As the starting point for the sweet nostalgic series.A dignified white dress with plenty of silk on the hips and a luxurious black ribbon bow, which looks like Belt Moriso The portrait has come to life. There are dresses decorated with water lilies and a huge feather hat, and the inevitable glitter tweed jacket.

Actor Margaret Qualley finished the show in a flawless ivory bridal gown, smiling to the audience from under the veil dotted with dotted embroidery, and putting her on her as she left the fashion show. The bouquet was thrown at the audience.

Fashion, like other life, is entering a mixed period, during which the slow return of physical meetings will coexist with digital activities. A few hours after the catwalk, Chanel released a series of Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) videos, which included additional shots taken on the roof of the museum, where the model strode across its unique Parisian zinc tiles. At a time when travel privileges are unevenly distributed among international audiences, it is not just digital alternatives to recorded versions of live events that have become of diplomatic importance.

“The first half of 2020 is very difficult. We have suffered,” Pavlovsky said. “But we have reorganized ourselves, launched a new application, focused on local teams around the world, and gradually resumed business. In one year, Chanel has changed more than in the previous 10 years.”

The rapid return of live shows highlights their importance in the fashion industry, but the prospects for the next fashion show season in the fall are still uncertain. “As of today France, The situation is much better than before. But we learned that it is impossible to predict what will happen in two months, let alone October,” Pavlovsky said.

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