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What is a good email design for non-profit organizations in 2021?

What is great Email design Looks like in the non-profit field? Is it form or function? Style or substance?

A well-designed email may mean the difference between your readers clicking on your email and donating or even not bothering to open it.

Today, we will discuss the components that make up a great email in 2021, such as eye-catching headlines, straightforward copywriting, and simple template design.

Grab the reader’s attention

Any non-profit organization that wants to promote donations needs a rigorous email strategy. This is a great way to show readers the impact of their donations and how you can make good use of their money.

The first step you need to take is Let them notice you.

A well-designed email with a beautiful copy will pop out of the inbox to the reader. It’s hard to resist and needs attention. So, how to achieve this effect? Let’s start from the beginning.

Determine subject line

Curiosity may kill the cat, but this is a good strategy Write subject line. If you can use curiosity, you can attract readers to open your email.

A great subject line:

  • Highlight the benefits of opening email
  • Concise enough to convey information without revealing too much
  • Tailored for readers

Spend time writing various subject lines until you find the most suitable one. You only have one chance to get your readers interested in the subject line, so please take it seriously.

Keep things simple

Too many people make the mistake of designing overly complex emails. Although they look great, they are not always the best format for email communications.

simple, Templates suitable for mobile devices One to three columns are effective because you can use them to direct the reader’s attention to the most critical part of the email.

source: UNICEF

This UNICEF email is a good example for the following reasons:

  • It uses an inverted pyramid design to guide readers through emails
  • It uses powerful images to evoke readers’ emotions
  • It has a simple message and a clear call to action

A clear and engaging copy

When you study the structure of a well-converted email, you will notice something in it. What makes this type of email attract the attention of readers?

this is very simple: An impactful, concise copy.

Most people will not read the email copy in its entirety–They skimmed. This can be used to your advantage. Just design your email to include text blocks with eye-catching copies.

Once the first sentence attracts them, let them continue reading until they read the most important part- Call for actionIn the non-profit sector, this is usually a donation request.

wwt non-profit email design

source: Sewage treatment plant

This email from Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust did several things: They emphasized their key message: donations. Links and buttons specific to donations are highlighted in orange to attract attention.

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust also uses specific language such as “now is a critical moment” and “wetland wildlife needs your help like never before” to create a sense of urgency.

It’s worth taking a moment to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on non-profit organizations and email marketing. COVID-19 has put pressure on many charities. Vulnerable groups are in a worse situation, and this is something you can honestly discuss with your readers.

Open rate, click-through rate and email registration have Soar During the pandemic, so you need to consider how to make the most of your email list through design and content management.

Well-arranged content

Finally, the way you arrange elements in your email is critical.

use Inverted pyramid principle Direct the reader’s attention to the part of the email that contains the most important information.

This means starting with a compelling headline, followed by a few sentences of supporting information, and adding a clear CTA at the bottom of the pyramid (ie click here).

wrap up

Now you know how to design an email that is eye-catching and drives donations. You have learned the importance of keeping your eyeballs on the screen, simple templates to attract readers’ attention, and the power of clear copy.

If you are ready to take your email strategy to the next level, Campaign Monitor will help you.

But before you run away and start your non-profit email campaign, be sure to read our ultimate guide Email campaign design.

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