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Why do you love your country? – Red State

I am not always conservative in politics. I grew up in a typical Liberal Democrat family, and I believed in the same classic liberal views until I was about 30 years old. (To be honest, I still do this because I have some liberal tendencies, and I think most of the traditional liberalism has given way to the progressive left.) But I have always loved our country. It is these family members who have instilled in me strong patriotism, love for our history, respect for our founders, and appreciation for this unique gift of America.

Many years ago, while mixing it on a political message board leaning to the left, a left-leaning poster asked me a question: Why do you love your country? Here, our Independence Day, and the celebration of 245 years of freedom and prosperity, seem to be only suitable for sharing:

Many reasons. I like the principle on which it is based. I like the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution”-these words themselves and the ideas contained in them.

I like that the people who write these documents value freedom and recognize that the danger of centralizing power is enough to try to guard against the unknown in a way that, although not perfect, allows millions of people to thrive and prosper while enjoying a certain degree of freedom before.

I like that we elect our leaders-the process is often imperfect (and frustrating).

I like that millions of people come here because of the opportunities this country has.

I like that we have a beautiful country full of natural and man-made wonders, and we can travel freely.

I like that Americans’ ingenuity has brought a wide range of discoveries, inventions and innovations.

I like you. I can look at things in a completely different way and express freely.

I am well aware that our country is far from perfect. I disagree with everything we do as a country. I know there is still a lot of room for improvement. But — I think I think it’s a bit like many of us treat family members — imperfect, flawed, but beautiful and loved.

All of these still apply today. This may be even more so in the face of the huge pressure of all removal from the outside and inside. What we have here—what we built—no one will convince me that it is not worthy of our love, appreciation, and celebration.

I wish you all a happy and free Independence Day.

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