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More and more deaths in New York: gun violence pandemic

MeterThe governor reported that over 50 people in New York State were victims of gun violence last weekend Andrew Cuomo Tuesday. During the same period, only 13 people died of or were infected with Covid-19. As states that were particularly hard hit at the beginning of the pandemic are slowly recovering, Cuomo’s words are being hit by a new epidemic: the gun violence pandemic.

On problematic weekends, the United States celebrates Independence Day, which is characterized by people celebrating together, picnicking, and watching fireworks in many places. Especially after the state lifted almost all corona restrictions, July 4th should be a special day. But Cuomo said the weekend was fatal to more than 50 people. Therefore, gun violence is now considered a disaster emergency. “Time is not on our side,” Cuomo said, “but we can begin to recognize the problem.” This problem affects the entire state. “I hope the people of this state will finally understand this, and I hope they will respond accordingly.”

The police should curb the gun trade

The classification of guns as a disaster emergency makes it easier for the Albany government to invest funds to take action against evil. The state will invest nearly 139 million U.S. dollars. Of this amount, US$76 million will be used to create approximately 21,000 jobs and other meaningful employment opportunities for young people who are particularly vulnerable to gun violence (as perpetrators or victims). In addition, Cuomo also announced further measures. From now on, a unit of the criminal justice system will receive reports from the local police station where gun violence occurs every week instead of every month.

In order to evaluate these reports, the governor hopes to set up a gun violence office within the Ministry of Health so that resources can be allocated to particularly affected communities. In addition, according to Cuomo, a project will be expanded in which hospital mediators try to dissuade those affected by gun violence from retaliation.

For this democratic governor, a particularly important point is to combat the gun trade. He envisioned a “border war” because most of the weapons in New York State were illegally imported from other states. A special police force will now take action against it. “We waste too much time and money in the fight against illegal immigrants in this country,” Cuomo said. “Illegal immigrants will not kill Americans! Illegal weapons will kill Americans.” If weapons manufacturers do not take sufficient measures to prevent the illegal distribution of their products, then the state and other public authorities should now be able to prosecute them. Como signed the corresponding law on Tuesday.

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