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Not all swastikas are the same

A kindIn the summer of 2020, when young people rioted in Frankfurt’s Opera Square and attacked the police with excessive violence, the public and local politicians quickly handed in their verdict. The court must take strong action, and it is best to lock everyone up! When the dispute between the dealer group and drug addicts in Frankfurt Railway Station heated up again, people put forward demands: the judiciary must respond and drive criminals out of the streets! When it was recently learned that the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s Office was investigating the right-wing extremist conversations between members of the Frankfurt Special Operations Command (SEK) and other police, it seemed that in most parts of society, the prosecutor immediately knew that the judge would ensure that the police officers were doing them. Justice will be punished.

The call for a trial by the judiciary is both populist and indiscriminate. Politicians use it to hide the fact that they did not realize the problem or did nothing a long time ago, even though they were aware of it. Citizens who were outraged at the newspaper or in front of the screen trumpeted the call without in-depth study of what happened. It is easy to shift responsibility and the desire for punishment across the board, and require the judiciary to be tough. It seems that everything will be fine by then.

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