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The latest shooting plan of the Biden administration sounds like a “vaccine cop”-RedState

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the government’s latest plan to get more people vaccinated against the coronavirus at a press conference on Tuesday, many antennas were erected.

Psaki outlined what they will focus on. Then she explained that one way for them to increase vaccination is to carry out outreach activities “house to house” to “vaccinate the remaining Americans.”

Psaki said the government will “go out door-to-door outreach to communities to ensure that the remaining Americans get the information they need about the safety and accessibility of vaccines so that they can be vaccinated.” She also talked about how they will Vaccines are provided to more primary care doctors.

This immediately attracted the attention of many people on many levels. Will they really send government workers to your door to persuade you to get vaccinated? “I’m from the government, I’m here to help.” This won’t be great. This is the smell of vaccine police.

Do they know or have a list of people who have been vaccinated, or do they operate based on a general assessment of the community? Will they ask about your vaccination status? It’s not someone else’s business, but your own business?

I know a person who recently visited a doctor she hadn’t seen in Texas before. She probably didn’t know anything about her except what she filled out on the initial form. The form did not ask about the vaccination status. She didn’t wear a mask, but when the doctor came in, she said, “It’s okay if you don’t wear a mask, because I know you have been fully vaccinated.” Obviously, you have to get the vaccine and then get the second shot. You are on some sort of list. On, just to keep track of the items you received. But who else can access it? Obviously, that doctor can get it.

At this point, anyone who wants can do it. This is a method of confrontation and diminishing returns, by letting people down like Stasi. But the Democrats obviously have no problem doing this.

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