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Reporter’s heinous spin on Psaki’s “door-to-door” promotion of people being vaccinated – RedState

What we saw earlier today is good news, In the Matt Lee question of the Associated Press Biden State Department spokesperson Ned Price.

Price asked Lee to name any international agreements of the Trump administration that Biden had put on hold, as if they had not done so with any agreement of his administration. Lee immediately nailed Price together with three examples and made him mess up.

But that is the State Department, and they tend to have better reporters.

When challenging the government or raising important issues, the people the White House needs (except for people like Peter Doocy and a few others) are almost a cause of failure.

In fact, as demonstrated today, they don’t seem to care about holding the Biden team accountable, but how to rotate correctly to protect them.

The reporter asked Jen Psaki Her comment The government will “door-to-door” and “vaccinate the remaining Americans.” “Yesterday you said knock on the door,” the reporter said, “this is a very normal thing. It is accepted in the far right field because’the government will come to your door to get you vaccinated.'” The reporter said she wanted to know what Pskai said about it. What’s the reaction and how this might affect people who are hesitant to vaccinate with this idea.

A good way to provide softball to help Psaki correct yesterday’s comments. But Psaki said what she said. This is the government’s effort to “let you get vaccinated”, and she cannot even deny it today. For this reporter, it is a “very standard thing” for the federal government to vaccinate people across the country from house to house, which shocked us. I’ve never seen this before, and I don’t think anyone else has seen it, so don’t think it’s a “standard” or normal thing. It is not. We see that the federal government is involved in things that used to be decided between one person and their doctor. The reporter also tried to divert attention by portraying worry as the “extreme right”, as if people in different fields would not worry. Of course, the “extreme right” is a bad thing for this impartial reporter.

Psaki claimed that “it depends on the individual” to get it, they are just trying to inform people. But obviously, if you still go to people’s door and try to persuade them, you won’t really think so.

At this point, what is the significance of this effort? Unless someone has been hiding in a cave, everyone knows where they can get a vaccine if they want it. This is not because of a lack of available information. When you let the government come, you will have the opposite effect if one is already hesitating to get it.

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